Are your Multicolor Light Kits Road Legal?



  • All multicolor lighting kits feature legal white and Amber colors for on-the-road use. You can safely and legally run these colors in all 50 US States. 
  • Technically, other colors like red, green, or blue are for off-road use only and can get you a ticket if used on highways and main roads in the united states. 
  • However, most of our customers don't have an issue with getting ticketed or pulled over for the lights, even when running colors like red, blue, or green colors on roads. The way we like to explain it is similar to window tint, yes some colors are technically illegal but most officers don't make a big deal out of it when they see it and actually think the multicolor lights are cool. 
  • Speaking from my own personal experience, with having custom LED lighting on all my vehicles and also having had custom multicolor LED lighting on my personal vehicles for over five years. I have been pulled over a total of 3 times in 5 years and gotten a ticket zero times. Just warnings. 
  • That being said we definitely don't advise you to go down the road flashing blue or red or flashing any color at all. We recommend just sticking to one solid simple color on roads and then using the flashing and flow modes when in off-road use (parking lots, private property, car shows, etc)
  • We hope this guide helps provide some insight into the legality of our multicolor light kits! 
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