Wiring Guide (Flow Series, Color Chasing)


Note: Controller and app were updated to our new Hybrid LED Controller as of 11/01/2023. If your order is before that date, please scroll to bottom of page to see your setup or contact us for more info. 

Note: This Wiring Guide Covers most products we carry, however there are some products with slightly different wiring set ups or apps. For those products, please see the direct help center article on that product or reference the include guide with that product order. 

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New as of 11/01/2023 

App: Banlanx

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Video of Flow/ Color Chasing Wiring Guide 

Note: app has been updated see top of page


  •   Can I wire my lights to turn on/off automatically with a vehicle parking light or DRL? 

Yes, you can wire the controller two ways:

1. (recommended) you can wire the controller straight to the battery or constant power source: this will allow you to control the lights at all times even if the car is off. Lights will have to be cut on/off manually via the app. 

2. You can wire the controller to a DRL fuse or parking light. The wiring will allow the lights to cut on/off automatically with the DRL or parking lights on your vehicle; however, you will not be able to control the lights while the vehicle or DRL/parking light is off. 


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For orders before 11/01/2023 

App: LED Hue 

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