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What is the difference between the Bluetooth and Handheld Remote Options?



  • Bluetooth remote (recommended): This allows the user to control the Halo kit/ Led Lights via the app on your phone! Our Ultra-responsive app gives you full control over the colors, modes, brightness, speed, and more! Your phone or smart device is the controller! 


  • RF Handheld Remote: “Radio Frequency” wireless remote features a quicker, easy-to-use solution for controlling your lights. Similar to a miniature tv remote. This remote option allows you to change colors, modes, brightness, and speed, at the click of a button. This option is sometimes referred to as M7 Handheld Remote 




Do I need a remote for my order? Can these products be used without a remote?

  • Any multicolor, rgb, rgbw, or flow series product does require a controller for operation 
  • (Ex. Flow series strips will need a flow series Bluetooth or flow series rf handheld remote)
  • (Rgbw grill lights will need an rgbw Bluetooth remote or rgbw M7 handheld remote)  
  • *Switchback (white/amber) and Single Color Products can be used without a remote* 

Can I run multiple products off one remote?

  • Underglow, wheel rings, and interior footwell lighting  = will need their own remote controller 
  • Halo kits, DRL Boards, Grill Lights, and Headlight Strip Lighting= can be combined on 1 controller
  • (disclaimer: on flow series products if running more than 4 products 2 controllers is best)
  • Flow series products cannot be run with an rgbw remote, rgbw products cannot be operated With a flow series remote. Must choose the corresponding remote for each product type. 

 Is it possible to have two different colors at once, one for each side of the headlight using the same remote?

  • No remotes will allow two separate colors at once. To get 2 separate colors at once you will need 2 Bluetooth remotes and you will need to wire 1 headlight to one remote and the 2nd headlight to the 2nd remote. 


Product link for Remotes & Controllers – RGB Halo Kits

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