Defective Product / Submit a Warranty Claim

Have a defective product or need to submit a warranty claim? No problem! Simply follow this 3 step system below and we will handle the rest!


Step 1: Troubleshoot / Identify the issue 

FLOW SERIES Troubleshooting guide

RGB/RGBW Troubleshooting Guide

Step 2: If problem persist after troubleshooting,  simply submit a request 

Include in your request:

  1. Your first and last name 
  2. Your order number 
  3. A detailed explanation of your issue
  4. Clear pictures or video of the issue (if applicable)
  5. Explanation of what troubleshooting steps you took to solve issue (this will help speed up warranty process)

Step 3: We will start a warranty claim and review your claim. During this time we may ask for more information or details.  Please be ready to provide this. Once approved, we will send a warranty Order Invoice to your email. This invoice will be for $0 for the product however shipping cost may apply. This allows us to approve warranties more efficiently and oftentimes without you have to send product back. (varies depending on product)


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