2015+ Dodge Charger Flow Series/ Color Chasing DRL Install Guide

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2015-2023 Dodge Charger Flow Series Color Chasing DRL Headlight Kit – RGB Halo Kits


Installation Overview (Step by Step) 

Step 1: Test your Product. This ensures no manufacturing defects are in the LEDS, and that you understand how to properly wire your product. See the wiring guide that comes with your product or (visit our general wiring guide page here)

Step 2: Remove your bumper to access headlights (not required on all vehicles) 

Step 3:  Open your headlights (see full guide here on how to open headlights)

Step 4: Install your LED Product into your headlights 


Step 5: Reseal your headlights (see video above) or Click here for full guide 

Step 6: If you haven't already, wire your LED Product onto your car using the included wiring guide or see our general wiring guide here.



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