Color Chasing / Flow flexible Underglow Install Guide

71sTgdt-AyL._AC_SL1000_.jpgProduct Link: Flexible Color Chasing Underglow

  • The 5050 LED Strips are protected by the Flexible Rubber Tubing, the controller and all connectors are also made of waterproof material, well protected from Road Conditions and Debris and Rain day. Strong Pre-Applied Adhesive tape with spare mounting clips and cable tie.


  • Easy installation & Universal Compatibility ➤ You can power the strip lights by the 12V cigarette adapter or by Positive/Negative wiring. The features of Flexible, Strong self-adhesive make it easy to applied under the car. The 12V voltage means it can be used by almost all of the car. Perfect for Cars, SUV, Jeep, Vans, Trucks, Boats decoration. And as a decorative light, it can also used to decorate your house, garden, party or anywhere you want.


Step 1: Clean your mounting area throughly with alcohol pad or degreaser.  

Step 2: Test your product be sure you understand wiring and how to power 

Step 3: Position each strip and begin mounting using the double sided tap on back. 

Step 4: For extra hold use the mounting brackets as needed in the front, middle, and back, of strips. 

Step 5: power your controller and download the app: Led hue 

Step 6: Open Led hue and click on device sp110e  and enjoy your lights!

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