blueghozt controller Wiring


Product link: Blueghozt controller 


If you ordered the prewired version.  

the white wire = can be tapped into DRL fuse or parking light 

green wire = can be tapped into vehicle passenger side turn signal hot wire 

blue wire = can be tapped into vehicle driver side turn signal hot wire 


you may need a circuit tester to identify the turn signal hot wire on each headlight harness. 

can tap into wire using a standard wire splice 


If wiring yourself please follow this guide 

Installer’s Guide: BlueGhozt_v1-InstallGuide_22Jan2018




How to navigate the app:

Installer’s Guide: BlueGhozt_v1-InstallGuide_22Jan2018




Product compatibility 


  • 5v : Grille lights, DRL Boards, Engine bay lights, Halos, Halo kits  (can combine multiple products on 1 controller up to 8 outputs) 


  • 12v: underglow, wheel lights (will need 1 controller per product) 


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