Reflector vs. Projector Headlight Housings




The main difference between reflector and projector headlights is that projectors have lenses that better focus the light, as illustrated below.

Reflectors will cover a wider angle, but the light will be less intense and focused, commonly referred to as having more light ‘waste.’ Projectors will emit a low and focused light thanks to the lens—more on this below.



Do I have projector or reflector headlights?

A common question we frequently get is whether a car has projector or reflector headlights. Chances are your car has reflector headlights but it’s always better to be sure.

You can call your dealership or read your car manual, however, it is often pretty easy to determine simply by looking at the headlight, even if you are not a car person.

Projector headlights have a very particular look and can be identified by the lens and its clean, simple and modern design as shown below.





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