DRL Tube Strips


What they are: DRL Tube strips are universal diffused LED strips that are flexible and therefore can be used on a wide variety of headlights and applications. DRL Tube strips are very bright and uniform looking and can add style and flare to almost any headlights rgb-halo-kits-strip-lighting-flexible-drl-tube-strips-flow-color-chasing-30942262427804_1100x.jpeg


Are DRL tube strips cuttable?  Yes, DRL tube strips are cuttable and you can cut to any desired length. Flow DRL tube strips can be cut after every single led. We recommend cutting a little bit at a time to ensure you don't accidentally cut too much. RGBW DRL tube strips can be cut every 3 leds on the strip.  If you accidentally only cut 1 or 2 leds, then simply cut off the rest of the leds in the group of 3 and the strip will function as normal. 


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