Multicolor Headlights General Install Guide



Installing prebuilt headlights 

Step 1: Test the Installed multicolor LEDs in your prebuilt headlights before installing onto your vehicle. To test your multicolor LEDs, power the bluetooth controller to your battery and follow our wiring guide to briefly test your lights. Ensure that all components work. Testing also confirms you wired the LEDs correctly

Step 2: To install your prebuilt headlights,  you may need to remove the factory bumper in order to access and remove your current headlights. Due to the amount of products we carry we may or may not have an exact guide on how to remove your specific bumper, however we do recommend checking out a handy youtube video for this 

Step 3: Once bumper is removed swap out your factory headlights for the new prebuilt headlights (before swapping check out any additional instructions that we may have included in the package as some models may require you to swap your oem bulbs into the new headlights.)  

Step 4:  Wire your multicolor lights (power and ground to the battery recommend) 

Step 5: Enjoy your new lights and sit back and watch the light show 


Additional Info

We do recommend keeping your factory headlights as backup just in case you ever want to add, modify, or need warranty work done to your prebuilt headlights in the future. 



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