TRX LED Badge: (Multicolor) Install Guide

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TRX LED Badge: (Multicolor)

Pre-Installation Preparation: Prior to beginning the installation of your TRX LED Badge, it's imperative to confirm the functionality of all kit components. Connect the wires to the controller and verify that the LED lights illuminate properly. Refer to our Wiring Guide (Flow Series, Color Chasing) for comprehensive instructions.

For an optimal installation process and a sleek outcome, it is recommended to remove the grille of your RAM. This step enhances visibility and streamlines the installation process.

  1. Detach the Rear Bracket: Begin by unscrewing the rear bracket from the LED emblem. This action grants access to the back of the emblem, facilitating a seamless installation process.
  2. Position the Emblem and Route Wires: Carefully place the TRX LED emblem onto the grille of your Dodge RAM, ensuring precise alignment. As you do so, guide the wires from the LED emblem through the grille and into the controller. Strive for a centered and neat placement to enhance visual appeal and prevent wire tangling or obstructions.
  3. Secure with Bracket Plate: Once the emblem is positioned as desired, attach the rear bracket plate onto it. Tighten the screws securely to firmly secure the emblem in place.
  4. Final Checks: Perform a thorough inspection of all connections to ensure they are secure, and confirm that the emblem is firmly affixed to the grille. Test the LED lights to ensure they are functioning correctly before completing the installation.
  5. Embrace the New Look: With the TRX LED Badge installed, take a moment to appreciate the transformed appearance of your Dodge RAM. Get ready to capture attention wherever you go!


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