Blueghozt Bluetooth Controller Install Guide

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Blueghozt Bluetooth Controller


BlueGhozt is an automotive smartphone-based controller for Neopixel-style LEDs. The controller runs off 5-12v, supporting both 5v and 12v Neopixels. BlueGhozt supports vehicle functions using its inputs: brake, turn signals, parking (dual zone) and reverse. A single BlueGhozt unit can run your entire car front and back.

BlueGhozt 2.0 features a new Ext Input as a dedicated show mode trigger.

BlueGhozt PLUS models feature a 4 channel 12v relay that can be used to control single color LEDs or other 12v applications (2 amps max).


prewired final 5v .png




close up view 5v.png



prewired final 12v.png


close up view 12v.png


wires output.png


Product Compatibility 

  • 5v: Grille lights, DRL Boards, Engine Bay lights, Halos, Halo kits (can combine multiple products on one controller up to 8 outputs) 
  • 12v: underglow, wheel lights (will need one controller per product) 

BlueGhozt 2.0

BlueGhozt 1.0

The Bluetooth Tab is where you first get connected.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7


Initial setup and connection are complete! Continue to the Arrangement page above or watch this tutorial in video format below.


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