GMC Illuminated LED Emblem Install Guide



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Illuminated Led Light Up Logo GMC Emblem Multicolor – RGB Halo Kits

Installation Guide

Step 1: Remove grille from vehicle. 

Step 2:  Remove factory GMC letters from grille: to remove release holding tabs on back of factory emblems 

Step 3: Remove the factory (red) GMC letter inserts: This can be accomplished by drilling out the plastic pins located on the rear of the factory emblem.

Step 4: Installing the Multicolor LED Letters: Next, peel off the red 3m tape on back of your multicolor letters and stick firmly in place while routing wires though the opening closes to the placement of the wires. * You may need to depin the led connectors on the multicolor letters or widen the hole on the factory chrome letters to fit multicolor wires through the factory emblem.

Step 5: Next re-pin the led connectors (skip you if did not de-pin) and wire your led emblem based on which LED version you have: 

  • RGBW version wiring: plug your led letters into the included led driver first then plug led driver into the controller. (Do NOT Plug LED Letters straight into controller, this will burn out leds) 
  • Flow version wiring: no led drivers required (Plug letters straight into controller)

Step 6: Enjoy your new RGB Halo Kits GMC Multicolor emblem

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