SRT and SRT Hellcat Emblem Install Guide


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SRT Illuminated LED Emblem Badge (RGBW or Flow Series)

SRT Hellcat Illuminated LED Emblem Badge (RGBW or Flow Series)


Installation Guide:

Step 1: Wire your controller to your vehicle:  How to wire your LED emblem

Step 2: Figure out where you want to install the emblem. The emblem is designed to mount on almost any vehicle grille with the included bracket on the back of your emblem. Simply screw the emblem onto any area on the grille that you would like using the nuts and bolts attached to the emblem. 

Note: Depending on where you want to mount your emblem, it may be best to remove your vehicle's front bumper before installation. 

Step 3: Plug the emblem into the controller using Bluetooth or Handheld Remote to control your emblem. 

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