Prebuilt Headlights


Prebuilt headlights make things easy and are an excellent option for your ride! 
✅Brand New assemblies ⁣
✅Prebuilt Multicolor components⁣
✅ Easy 30 min plug and Play install ⁣
✅ zero interest financing is available via QuadPay ⁣
✅ 1 yr warranty ⁣
✅ Available for select vehicles 


Prebuilt headlights are custom-built full headlights with multicolor components, halos, or DRL boards pre-installed and fully built. Prebuilt Headlights are built to order using factory or aftermarket headlights. 


 Shipping Policy prebuilt headlights 

Prebuilt headlights are assembled and built in-house. On average we are able to complete one set each business day*. Prebuilt Headlights orders will be completed in the order they come in. Once your order is placed, you will be assigned a queue number so that you can estimate when your order will ship. Prebuilt headlights on average take about 3 weeks to ship from the order date. 

Since pre-built headlights take an average of one business day to complete, your wait time should be equal to your queue number.

Ex: If your queue number is 30, your order is estimated to ship in about 30 business days*

If your queue number is 5, then your order is estimated to ship in about 5 business days*

*Business days are Monday-Friday


 Installing  prebuilt headlights 

1.  remove bumper (depending on vehicle) 
2. remove old headlights 
3. install new headlights using the same bolts 
4. wire your multicolor lights (power to the battery) 
5. Enjoy 

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